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Want to have a look at a simple Scottish country dance
Like the ones we do with new dancers?

Have a look at this.

This is The Kingston Flyer. As you can see from this video from Toronto - it is danced all over the world.

(The dancing looks a bit tidier than usually found at a ceilidh or new dancers' night.  Maybe they practised a bit because it was on video!)

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Existing Dancers
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Welcome to the
Auckland Region
of the New Zealand Branch Inc.

of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

(Saturday 21 October 2017 - Royal Oak Ball at Labour Weekend).

Congratulations to Professor Rod Downey
Scottish Country Dancer, Deviser and Teacher
Rutherford Medal Winner
Giving his Rutherford Lecture in Auckland
Tuesday March 26th
See calendar for details

Auckland Region Opening Social
Programme now available - see Calendar April 6th

Auckland Region Classes - new concept
April 13th

Intermediate class in morning
Advanced class in afternoon
Registration form now available in calendar

Forms now available for class of Iain Boyd dances on May 11th




The Auckland Region covers Auckland and Northland
from Tuakau, south of Auckland, to Kaitaia in the north

Contact:  0800 69 3262 or
email or

Page last updated  10 February 2019

Future Events


Tuesday - 26

NZ Rutherford Lecture - Professor Rod Downey

April 2019

Monday - 1

Registrations due for Intermediate and Advanced classes

Saturday - 6

Auckland Region Opening Social

Saturday - 13

Auckland Region Intermediate Class 9am

Auckland Region Advanced Class 1pm

Saturday - 27

Kamo Day School

Tuesday - 30

Kamo Club - Party/Tartan Night

Tartan Night at Browns Bay (Braemar Club)

May 2019

Wednesday - 1

Registrations due for class of Iain Boyd dances

Friday - 3

Knox Club Dance

Sunday - 5

Innes Club Tartan Night

Saturday - 11

Auckland Region class: Dances by Iain Boyd. Teacher Neil Horne

Saturday - 25

North Shore Combined Dance

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